Nature Blinds


"We had deer within less than 5 yards of us, downwind, that never so much as even looked our way! They never seemed to know we were there.... Closest deer I've shot in a long, long time!" -'Mr. Whitetail', Larry Weishuhn  
"I love to bow hunt and getting close on the ground is one the most exciting things you can do. My Nature Blinds get me closer than anything else I've experienced. It's so quiet and soundproof inside, we can talk on camera with deer 10 yards away... incredible!" -Mike Stroff, Savage Outdoors TV
  "It's an absolute home run." -Doug Koenig, World-Champion Shooter and Television Host
  "The coolest innovation we have seen!" -ATA Show 2012
  "These are the first blinds I've EVER bought!" -Anonymous Box Blind Manufacturer
  I have found the ultimate hunting blind. The NATURE BLIND has to been seen to believe. It's the most natural looking blind I have ever put my hands on. More than a clever "paint job", this is an exact replica of a tree with all the curves, knots, bark, rubs, colors etc. etc. Heavy duty construction with wonderful ergonomics; plus, the inside is very quiet. Pictures don't do it justice. This is the real deal in concealment blinds my friends. -Razor Dobbs, host of Razor Dobbs Alive on NBC Sports
  I have been guiding and outfitting for 10 yrs. Both Maine and Florida hunting operations are endorsed by Cabelas, and I'm part of Cabelas ProStaff. I see many great products. However; now and then I see creative out of the box thinking come from great folks like the people at Nature Blinds. This company has great people behind the product. The Nature Blind is the ultimate in creature comforts with the ability to conceal hunters from animals' weary senses. I look forward to using the product in Maine, for Bear and Moose, and Florida for Hogs, Osceola Turkey, and Exotics. Thanks Nature Blinds for helping my clients to achieve a higher level of success. -Nathan Theriault, owner; OMM Outfitters   "<Expletive Deleted> Awesome!!!" - Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

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