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Nature Blinds, LLC Withdraws from Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show

Nature Blinds Press Release Jan 17 2013 January 17, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RE: HARRISBURG EASTERN SPORTS AND OUTDOOR SHOW KERRVILLE, TEXAS ANNOUNCEMENT: Nature Blinds has decided to withdraw our participation in the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show due to the organizer’s decision to exclude certain types of rearms, accessories, and vendors for political reasons. This decision was not made lightly. We are a relatively young, USA-based manufacturing company and have to steward our limited resources wisely. We had decided this year to double our presence there from 2012 and allocated over $15,000 for a 40 foot booth space, promo materials, travel expenses and lodging, and transporting our booth, signage, catalogs, and new prototypes to show our fans and friends. This was a significant part of our 2013 marketing budget and there are tens of thousands of people we were planning on seeing there that we will now miss out on. We are taking a significant financial loss with this decision, but feel strongly that it’s time to stand in solidarity with ALL outdoor enthusiasts, gun owners, manufacturers, and industry friends. We love deer hunting and we love the Constitution, but we also realize America’s founding fathers did not write the Second Amendment to preserve their right to deer hunt. For this reason, we feel that accepting the politically correct stance of giving lip-service to the Second Amendment, while accepting the false 'sporting purposes’ premise to discriminate against our fellow law-abiding gun owners is missing the mark. When tragedies occur, we believe it’s important to pray together, grieve together, support, love and encourage one another. We believe in calling evil ‘evil’ and good ‘good’, and not shifting blame to inanimate objects for the evil actions of humans nor changing our behavior for those that would. We hope the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show will reconsider their position in the future so we may also reconsider our participation. Please direct inquiries to Clint Fiore at 877.431.443 ext 101

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