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Larry Weishuhn Regarding the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show

Statement by Larry Weishuhn Regarding the Eastern Sports Show As someone who has been in the outdoor industry for many years and has long supported our gun rights in words and deeds I am tremendously disappointed in Reed Expositions’ decision regarding the Eastern Sports Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With many vendors as well as featured celebrities and speakers deciding not to be at the show, as they have been doing for years in an act of unity to support all our gun rights, it will be the attendees of the Eastern Sports Show who will be hurt and disappointed most by these actions. I would humbly ask and hope that those people be most understanding of my decision not to attend the Eastern Sports Show as a speaker. My not being at the upcoming Eastern Sports Show is a personal decision, based on personal beliefs regarding firearms. I do not personally own or use the class of guns “in question”, but support those who do. I would also ask each and everyone who loves the United States of America and our American outdoor way of life to pray for our Country! God Bless America!

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