Nature Blinds

Healing Testimony (video)

As most of you know we are a praying company. One of our employees, Clint, got a scary call from his wife Melissa today saying they needed to take their 2-year old daughter Sophia to the hospital as she had just fallen down in a parking lot as Melissa maneuvered their fully-loaded shopping cart to avoid a backing car, and the wheel of the heavy cart ran over Sophia's foot sideways.Sophia was in a lot of pain, screaming, and her foot was swollen and bruised and appeared it may have broken or fractured a bone inside. The toes were also painful and one looked out of place like they didn't all quite line up. Clint rushed out of work to meet them and started driving towards urgent care with Melissa holding her in the back seat trying to calm her down. At the same time, several Nature Blinds leaders got called about the situation and began praying for her to not have a broken foot and to be healed. As they were driving down the interstate, Sophia stopped crying and said her foot felt "tickly", then she started smiling and said "It's all better now". They pulled the car over and checked her foot. The bruising, swelling, and pain was gone. The toes looked perfect. And there was no pain when they moved it around and touched it. So they let Sophia out at a rest stop, and off she ran like a perfect little 2 year old! Clint took this little video clip when he set her on the sidewalk to test her foot. Thought this story was worth a share. God is good!

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