The Top 6 Reasons Our Quiet Window System is the Best

05 April 2013

We put a lot of thought into our windows and not getting busted (that's the most common way we've heard other people get busted in blinds is because of bad window designs causing them to get lit up or outlined, or opening mechanisms that make noise). The biggest reasons you don't get busted as easily with our system are: 1) Windows are in 'holes' basically 3-4" back from the edge, so they're in shadows and animals see them more like knotholes in trees. This creates an awning like effect at each window. 2) They're cut in natural shapes when viewed from the outside, not rectangles. 3) We use 1-way window film we developed and photo-matched to our bark skin. So even if the animals looking right at you, with the light in its favor, it will only see bark texture in the hole, not you or your movement. 4) Windows are tinted and interior is blacked out, making the interior always dark, and hiding the hunters in the shadows. 5) We didn't go overboard with too many windows, making harder to get "silhouetted" which is what happens when there's a window directly behind and in front of you where the animal is, and the slightest movement (preparing for a shot) is given away by the movement of your silhouette. 6) Our window opening system is very quiet and utilizes magnets instead of snaps or velcro for quiet operation.